All You Need is Here


We have six apartments on the first floor and eight on the second floor.  Each apartment has two individual bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, a wash station and living room.  Everything needed to have a relaxed stay in our Eco Residencias.


Four terraces in our third level, makes a great venue for educational training, Spa, conferences and group activities.

The perfect place for companies to bring their employees for training and Yoga teachers to teach their classes.

Camino de los Bueyeros

Our main hallway on the ground level is the perfect place to sit and relax in our homemade benches while drinking and coffee from the region.

Chorotega Living Room

Located on the ground level, this living room is one of the highlights of our residence.  With a beautiful wall full of orquis, it is used by many as a place to gather and have their meals.

It is also a great place for companies and professionals to teach lessons.

ECO Residencias is an ECO-FRIENDLY Place

We built our place with the mentality to reduce our carbon footprint.

- Louvers system all over the place, allows for air to flow and move thru ought  the entire place all day.  This eliminates the need of air conditioners.

- FAFA septic tanks.  Improved residual water treatment that eliminates almost 90% of DBO and 75% of SST.

- Water catchment tanks.  The water collected in this tanks is used to irrigate the plants and flowers in our place.

- Our lighting is 100% LED.  

- We have Reed all over the facility to naturally purify the air.

- Polygal roofs to take advantage of the natural light.