Green Point San Ramon Eco-Fair


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This great event promotes the use of eco-friendly products on our daily lives and the need to take care of the environment.

For more information call Sandra Chavez at CRC 8823 7951

Host your Class in our Terrace


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From Yoga to Neurolinguistic Programing, our Terraces have everything needed to make your class and event a success.

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My Emotion, My Sickness


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A workshop of emotional healing through the vibrational therapy of the Bach Flowers, emotional biodescription and neurolinguistic programming.

The seven emotional groups of Dr. Bach will be known as well as how to biodecode emotions and propose adaptive thoughts that help us to know the relationship between physical illness and emotion.

You can make your own floral formula yourself according to the emotional state that needs to heal, such as depression, self-esteem, anxiety, grief, resentment, stress, etc.

Taught by Jocselyne R, psychologist, certified floral therapist, reiki facilitator, holistic therapist, extensive experience in stress management - anxiety and depression mainly associated with addictions and codependecia.

For information call CRC 8820 5050