We are a wellness center and professional practitioners providing compassionate care to assist our clients on their journey to wellness. We provide our clients with non-traditional healing therapies which complement conventional medicine.  We work with our clients to help facilitate their well-being and good health.  

We open our doors with a very modest objective, Serve as a physical platform for the community of entrepeneurs in the area of ​​business, commercial, holistic institutes, therapists and Universities.  We provide an appropriate space for the practice of multiple related activities such as workshops, training, conferences and global networking.

Global Networking

Meet like minded professionals within your scope of work to share ideas and build referral network.

Relax and Leisure

A place to unwind and reconnect with your true self thru Yoga, Meditation, Nature Exploration Tours and many other activities.

Looking for a venue to teach lessons?

We have the perfect place to accommodate professionals and their students.  With 13 Residences, we can house up to 23 people for long term trainings.

Beautiful San Ramon

Vibrant Downtown

We are located within walking distance to San Ramon Downtown where you can visit museums, parks and do some artisan shopping. 

Land of Poets

Famous poets like Lizimaco Chavarria initiated their history here in San Ramon.  Immerse yourself in our rich story by visiting our museums.

Immerse in Our Culture

A variety of cultural activies are available for you to learn about our rich history.

Meals Made with Love

Costa Rica's gastronomy is well known for its bull flavors and healthy options.  Our healthy meals create a perfect environment to enrich our bodies.


The perfect place to unwind, San Ramon is located within miles from top rain forest attraction in the area.  


Not too far from San Ramon we will take you to visit our beautiful beaches and their rich volcanic sands.